Stephanie Zimbalist



Place of birth:

New York City, New York, USA:


Hamlet's Ghost (2015)
Justina Keller / Queen Gertrude
His Neighbor Phil (2015)
Charlton Heston and Ben-Hur: A Personal Journey (2011)
Truth (2006)
Malpractice (2001)
Beth Garrett
Borderline Normal (2000)
Vicky Walling
The Prophet's Game (2000)
Francis Aldobrandi
Prison of Secrets (1997)
Lynn Schaffer
Dead Ahead (1996)
Maura Loch
Stop the World, I Want to Get Off (1996)
Whose Daughter is She? (1995)
The Great Elephant Escape (1995)
Beverly Cunningham
Incident in a Small Town (1994)
Lily Margaret Bell
Jericho Fever (1993)
Bonnie Whitney
Sexual Advances (1992)
Paula Pratt
Breaking the Silence (1992)
Janey Kirkland
The Story Lady (1991)
Julie Pollard
The Killing Mind (1991)
Isobel Neiman
Caroline? (1990)
Personals (1990)
The man in the brown suit (1989)
Anne Beddingfeld
The Creation - Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible (1988)
Eve (Voice)
A Letter to Three Wives (1985)
Debra Bishop
Love on the Run (1985)
Diana Rockland
Elvis and the Beauty Queen (1981)
Linda Thompson
The Babysitter (1980)
Joanna Redwine
The Awakening (1980)
Margaret Corbeck
The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story (1980)
Anya Andreyev
The Best Place to Be (1979)
Maryanne Callahan
The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal (1979)
The Magic of Lassie (1978)
Kelly Mitchell
Forever (1978)
Katherine Danziger
Long Journey Back (1978)
Celia Casella
The Gathering (1977)
In the Matter of Karen Ann Quinlan (1977)
Mary Ellen Quinlan
Yesterday's Child (1977)
Ann Talbot