Mosquita muerta

Mosquita muerta (2007)

Marcelo and Sofía love each other, but both suspect the other of infidelity. Marcelo, a film director, accidentally discovers condoms in Sofía’s purse. They are really for Marcelo’s younger sister, but he thinks the discovery confirms his suspicions and keeps one as evidence. Sofía discovers the condom in Marcelo’s wallet and takes for granted that he is cheating on her. Pepe, Marcelo’s cousin, pretends to be him to impress a girl, further complicating the mix up.

Director: Joaquín Bissner
Writer: Joaquín Bissner

Release Date: 2007-10-26
Status: Released
Run time: 97 min / 1:37



Armando Alessi
Empleado cafetería
Marta Aura
Mamá de Sofía
Bruno Bichir
Marcelo Donizetti
Demián Bichir
Odiseo Bichir
Pepe Donizetti
Denisse Gutiérrez
Francesca Guillén
Martha Aura
Rafael Inclán
Rocío Verdejo


Directing Joaquín Bissner Director
Writing Joaquín Bissner Screenplay

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