Sayre Dearing


Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Alias Jesse James (1959)
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
The Opposite Sex (1956)
Backstage Photographer
Small Town Girl (1953)
Something to Live For (1952)
First Nighter
Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)
Man at Dice Table / Passerby (uncredited)
Champagne for Caesar (1950)
Audience Extra
Undertow (1949)
Reign of Terror (1949)
Citizen (uncredited)
It's a Great Feeling (1949)
Studio Employee (uncredited)
Sorrowful Jones (1949)
Spectator (uncredited)
Johnny Allegro (1949)
Wallflower (1948)
Body and Soul (1947)
Bartender (uncredited)
Lured (1947)
Concertgoer in Lobby
Blackmail (1947)
Roulette Player
The Unfaithful (1947)
Adventure (1945)
Roulette Man (uncredited)
No Time for Love (1943)
Sidewalk Passerby
Wintertime (1943)
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Something to Shout About (1943)
Man in Audience
Tom, Dick and Harry (1941)
Dancer (uncredited)
Michael Shayne: Private Detective (1940)
Racetrack Spectator
Christmas in July (1940)
Coworker (uncredited)
Third Finger, Left Hand (1940)
Nightclub Patron
Buck Benny Rides Again (1940)
Man at Audition
Broadway Melody of 1940 (1940)
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
The Earl of Chicago (1940)
Gunman in Card Game (uncredited)
Day-time Wife (1939)
Nightclub Patron
First Love (1939)
Ball Guest
The Roaring Twenties (1939)
Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Golden Boy (1939)
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)
Audience Member
Mystery Plane (1939)
Henchman Fred
Beauty for the Asking (1939)
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Portia on Trial (1937)
Prosecution Co-Counsel
Forty Naughty Girls (1937)
Man in Audience
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air (1937)
Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Melody For Two (1937)
Nightclub Extra
Sinner Take All (1936)
Green Lantern Patron
If You Could Only Cook (1935)
Wedding Rehearsal Guest Extra (uncredited)
Two-Fisted (1935)
Party Guest
Woman Wanted (1935)
Party Guest
After the Dance (1935)
Extra as Nightclub Patron
Imitation of Life (1934)
Party Guest (uncredited)
Million Dollar Ransom (1934)
Nightclub Patron (Uncredited)
Parachute Jumper (1933)
Nightclub Extra (uncredited)
The Public Defender (1931)
Country Club Guest
The Naughty Flirt (1930)
Kay's Friend (uncredited)
One Night at Susie's (1930)
Mobster (Uncredited)
Playboy of Paris (1930)
Nightclub Patron
Kentucky Pride (1925)
Racetrack Spectator (uncredited)