Leung Tin



Place of birth:

Hong Kong:


A Simple Life (2011)
Head Master
Simply Actors (2007)
Inner Senses (2002)
Hospital director
The Great Pretenders (1991)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (1983)
Dr. Lu
Curse of Evil (1982)
Notorious Eight (1981)
3rd Brother
Soul Ash (1981)
Killer Constable (1980)
Chief eunuch
No Money No Talk (1977)
Star Wonderfun (1976)
Carry on Con Men (1975)
Chen Menchi
Two Con Men (1975)
Chan Mung-Kat
Laugh in the Sleeve (1975)
Chuk Chi-Sang
The Chinese Tiger (1974)
The Shaolin Boxer (1974)
Master Chuan Tai
Gossip Street (1974)
Hong Kong 73 (1974)
Mr Tsui
Freedom Strikes a Blow (1973)
Boss Chan
The House of 72 Tenants (1973)
Mr. Han Yi Shi
The Deadly Chase (1973)
Tan Lung