Fung Hak-On




Fung Hak-On (Chinese: 馮克安, 18 September 1950 - 2 March 2016) was a Hong Kong actor.


Soccer Killer (2017)
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (2014)
Scruffy Chou
Ip Man: The Final Fight (2013)
Chess Onlooker
Tai Chi Zero (2012)
Old Zhao
A Chinese Ghost Story (2011)
Second village head
14 Blades (2010)
Justice Escort's counselor
Rebellion (2009)
Uncle Man
The First 7th Night (2009)
Bandit chief
Triad Wars (2008)
Li Chun Tong
Gong Tau (2007)
Master Clear Sea (as Fung Hak On)
Lethal Angels (2006)
Sgt. Wai
Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
Harpist Assassin # 2
Shark Busters (2002)
Black Mask Vs. Gambling Mastermind (2002)
Teenage Gambler (2002)
Uncle Da
Ghostly Bus (1995)
Oh! Yes Sir!!! (1994)
Thai gang leader
A Warrior's Tragedy (1993)
Siu Bee Lei
A Serious Shock! Yes Madam! (1993)
Possessed man
Pink Bomb (1993)
Handsome Siblings (1992)
Monk Blackie
The Banquet (1991)
Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues (1991)
Thunder Run (1991)
Point of No Return (1990)
Eagle's target in disco
The Sniping (1989)
Seven Warriors (1989)
Miracles (1989)
One of Tiger Lo's men
Burning Ambition (1989)
Little Cop (1989)
Yi's henchman
Tiger Cage (1988)
Hsiung's buddy
Dragons Forever (1988)
Thug on ship
Edge of Darkness (1988)
Fake policeman
Chocolate Inspector (1986)
Chen Long
Lucky Stars Go Places (1986)
Xiao Ke
Police Story (1985)
Danny Koo
Double Trouble (1984)
Duel of the Masters (1983)
Winners & Sinners (1983)
Mission to Kill (1983)
Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983)
Evil Disciple
Night Orchid (1983)
Legend of a Fighter (1982)
Dragon Lord (1982)
The Killer King
The Gold Hunters (1981)
Jack Wong
Dreadnaught (1981)
Demon Tailor
Shaolin Warrior (1980)
On Yuen
Bruce, King of Kung Fu (1980)
The Young Master (1980)
Master's Kam's men
Snake Deadly Act (1980)
Yu Yee
The Magnificent Butcher (1979)
Ko Tai Hoi
Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979)
Pray / Let It Be
Kung Fu vs. Yoga (1979)
The Fairy, the Ghost & Ah Chung (1979)
Warriors Two (1978)
Dirty Kung Fu (1978)
Hello, Late Homecomers (1978)
Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog (1978)
Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)
Liu Kuei Tai
Breakout from Oppression (1978)
My Darling Gals (1978)
Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)
Master Chao Chi-Chih
Follow the Star (1978)
Kung Fu Means Fists, Strikes and Sword (1978)
The Amsterdam Kill (1977)
The Sentimental Swordsman (1977)
White Snake
Hot Blood (1977)
Cat Eye
The Iron-Fisted Monk (1977)
Rapist official
The Lonely Killer (1977)
Jade Tiger (1977)
Deadly Angels (1977)
Night club thug
Executioners from Shaolin (1977)
Governor's fighter
The Kung Fu Kid (1977)
The 36 Crazy Fists (1977)
Tai Kuang's opponent
Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth (1976)
Challenges Bruce on set
Young Hero of Shaolin (1976)
The Magic Blade (1976)
Tao's man
Challenge of the Masters (1976)
Yeung Chung
Boxer Rebellion (1976)
The Young Dragons (1975)
Wan Fai
The Spiritual Boxer (1975)
Liu Deruei's main thug
The Fantastic Magic Baby (1975)
Yang Jian (Erlang God)
Disciples of Shaolin (1975)
Lun Ying Tu
All Men Are Brothers (1975)
Rebel officer
Five Shaolin Masters (1974)
Chang Chin-Chiu
Na Cha the Great (1974)
3rd Prince
A Mad World of Fools (1974)
Shaolin Martial Arts (1974)
He Lian
Iron Head (1974)
Wits to Wits (1974)
Casino top fighter
Heroes Two (1974)
Hsiang Chao Hui
The Mandarin (1973)
The Awaken Punch (1973)
Revenge of the Dragon (1972)
The Boxer from Shantung (1972)
Tan Si's coachman/Yang's thug
Duel of Fists (1971)
Thai Boxing stadium bouncer
Flyer & Magic Sword (1971)
The Duel (1971)
Kan's man
Teenage Gambler (2002)
Ghostly Bus (1995)
Stunt Coordinator
Kidnap of Wong Chak Fai (1993)
Action Director
Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues (1991)
Fight Choreographer
Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues (1991)
Ghost for Sales (1991)
Forever Young (1989)
Action Director
Burning Ambition (1989)
Action Director
Chinese Cop Out (1989)
Action Director
Edge of Darkness (1988)
The Gold Hunters (1981)
Shaolin Warrior (1980)
Hot Blood (1977)
Action Director
Money Crazy (1977)