Theo Theodoridis




Theo became an experiential and passionate rather than a method actor. Born in Germany on August 28, 1976 by Greek parents. Graduated from NY Film Academy and followed workshops of Lee Strasberg has started his career in off-Broadway theaters and independent films in New York. His career was cut abruptly, by getting involved in an illegal activity and passed 6 years inmate. Focused in Psychology have been self-taught in psychoanalysis, behaviorism and Gestalt methods, trying to learn and feel the diversity of human beings and emotions. 4 years in rehabilitation groups have driven him into a well observer to realize the difficulties and easiness of adaptation. One of the ten winners of the Manhattan Monologue Slam between 150 competitors performing Spoon River Anthology and winner of Axe World Male Model 2004 while working in Fashion Industry worldwide for 15 years. Trained by Paul Warner, Bob Goodman and Victor Verhaeghe in Filming. Meisner: Anna Maria Cianciulli and Nick Landry. Analysis: Norman B. Schwartz. Shakespeare: David Vando. Improvisation: Victor Verhaeghe. Voice: Marry Workman. Dance: Tonia Kosovits. Have been shown in: "Bathsheba" (the musical) as King David by Valerie Wright. "Dammerung" (theatre) as Hiym'n (Peretz Hirshbein) by Marc Geller. "Spin" (ind. film) as Angel by Rafael Sanz. "Director s Nuts" (ind. film) as Theo by Diego J. Riera Blanco. "Doubt" (Academy theatre) as Father Flynn (John Patrick Shanley) by Nick Laundry. "Fool for love" (Academy theatre) as Eddie (Sam Shepard) by Paul Warner. "The Bald Soprano" (Academy theatre) as Mr.Smith (Eugene Ionesco) by Paul Warner. "Botched" (Academy film) as Chissolm by Victor Verhaeghe. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Eloy agency


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