James Wilby



Place of birth:

Rangoon, Burma. [now YangĂ´n, Myanmar]:


The Sense of an Ending (2017)
David Ford
ChickLit (2016)
Churchill's Secret (2016)
Brendan Bracken
The Great Train Robbery (2013)
John Wheater
Titanic (2012)
Bruce Ismay
Shadows In The Sun (2009)
Third Girl (2008)
Andrew Restarick
A Risk Worth Taking (2008)
Patrick Trenchard
Lady Godiva (2008)
Earl of Mercia, Leofric
Clapham Junction (2007)
Julian Rowan
The Last Days of the Raj (2007)
Lord Mountbatten
It's Gradiva Who Is Calling You (2006)
John Locke
De-Lovely (2004)
Edward Thomas
Sparkling Cyanide (2003)
Stephen Farraday
George Eliot: A Scandalous Life (2002)
Herbert Spencer
Bertie and Elizabeth (2002)
King George VI, aka 'Bertie'
Jump Tomorrow (2001)
Gosford Park (2001)
Freddie Nesbitt
Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years (2001)
Zippo Montefiore
An Ideal Husband (1999)
Sir Robert Chiltern
Tom's Midnight Garden (1999)
Uncle Alan Kitson
The Dark Room (1999)
Dr Alan Protheroe
Cotton Mary (1999)
Regeneration (1997)
2nd Lt. Siegfried Sassoon
The Chess Game (1994)
Lord Staunton
Lady Chatterley (1993)
Sir Clifford Chatterley
Immaculate Conception (1992)
Howards End (1992)
Charles Wilcox
Adam Bede (1992)
Arthur Donnithorne
A Tale of Two Cities (1989)
Sydney Carton
A Summer Story (1988)
Mr. Ashton
A Handful of Dust (1988)
Tony Last
Maurice (1987)
Maurice Hall
Dutch Girls (1985)
Dreamchild (1985)